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What our clients say about us

I am thankful to Multisoft Virtual Academy for providing me such a knowledgeable trainer, who always tried to make me understand the subject matter, going out of the box and was very punctual as well. The sessions were very interactive and helped me to open up and develop confidence, which enhanced my analyzing skills as well. Furthermore, i would like to thanks the entire team to make the training successful and interesting, I would definitely look forward to join some other relevant courses in near future.Icons

Rajeshvaramana Jb Venkataramana

It was worth joining Multisoft Virtual Academy for Ansys training, the trainer had sound knowledge of the subject matter and taught me exceptionally well. I would like to thank the both the teaching and non teaching members, as they coordinated well to make the training interactive and intriguing. I gained in-depth knowledge of FEA, and it was a lot more than just using the tools, as the trainer gave more than what the course offered. I would like to thank the entire crew for their support and I would recommend MVA to whom, who wish to learn FEA/Ansys online. Icons

Pramod Nemmar Subramanya

Joining Multisoft Virtual Academy for Primavera P6 helped me a lot in growing as a professional, the training sessions were very interactive, which helped in building confidence and enhanced my vision of dealing with the real time project issues.

I would like to thank the crew members of Multisoft Virtual Academy for emailing about the session timing and providing me the flexibility with the learning timings. I would definitely opt some other relevant courses to broadening my knowledge in the near future so that I would grow as a perfectionist in the industry. Icons

Jarad Leicht
Primavera® P6, United States, Minnesota

As a Software Tester I would appreciate the training that is given by the expert trainer of Multisoft Virtual Academy, during the training I have gained competency to review all sizes of projects. I am very grateful to the entire team of Multisoft Virtual Academy for arranging training in such a short span and accomplishing it so successfully. The training helped me a lot in clearning the ISTQB Foundation level examination for testing professional. I would definitely look forward to join Multisoft for further training in the future. Icons

Suchita Kadao
ISTQB® Foundation, Netherlands

Choosing Multisoft for ITIL Foundation was really worth, because all the teaching and non teaching staffs were very cooperative and helped the candidates in learning the subject matter in a friendly manner. All the fundamental concepts and terminology of ITIL Service Lifecycle were taught very efficiently by the trainer; the techniques of today’s business requirement have been introduced and explained efficiently and the result amazingly shown in their performance in the workplace after getting trained. We are really thankful to the entire team for completing the training on time and providing intelligence by going out of the box. Wishing Best Wishes to Multisoft. Icons

Spice Digital
ITIL® Foundation,

Multisoft is definitely a great choice for Primavera training, the training sessions were very interactive and interesting. The most interesting part of this training was Multisoft provided me the copy of recorded sessions of the training and the trainer, this is really a matter of applauding.

Furthermore, talking about the trainer, he helped me a lot in understanding the essentials of Primevera project management skills right from the beginning to the end: from the navigation of the user interface to Importing and exporting data after customizing layouts and filtering data. This training helped me to gain recognition in my career; I am now getting attention the higher  authorities of the organization. Thanks Multisoft for making me live my career dream in reality. Icons

P. Krishna Kireeti
Primavera® P6, Saudi Arabia

I will always be grateful to Multisoft Virtual Academy for providing me such an interactive and knowledgeable trainer, he made the training sessions amazingly interesting and answered my questions very promptly. It was my first online training and I am very satisfied with it, the AWS Devops knowledge MVA has provided me helped me a lot in gaining recognizing in my organization. This was a must do thing for my career growth, I will surely recommend MVA for online learning. Icons

Chudi Onyilimba
AWS DevOps, United States of America

After getting trained on CBAP by the experienced and knowledgeable trainer from Multisoft Virtual Academy I am now able to coordinate more efficiently with my team than earlier. Our employer said that we all have achieved the level of perfection and deal with the live scenarios more confidently. Nevertheless, this was the best training in terms of knowledge. We have received 35 PDUs, which will lead us towards the CBAP exam that is based on IIBA guidelines and standards. Icons

Nadeem Akhtar

Thanks to our employer, we found the amazing and knowledgeable trainers, who always listened to us carefully and tried to resolve our queries by giving us the real time examples. The training was based on the business rules of BABOK® Guide V3.0 and IIBA guidelines and standards. The employer said that the training made us learn to work as a team and enhanced our management and communication skills as well. Icons

Anjan Sharma

I have learnt a lot from Multisoft, the CBAP concepts were marvelously dealt to make every topic understand by giving live examples. The employer gave us remarks that we all have performed exceeding expectation all thanks to the knowledgeable trainers, who shared their experiences with the trainees to make us understand today’s globally accepted business rules and helped us to enhance our analytical skills, so that we would be able to improve the process productivity and manage the output in the best possible way.Icons


I have acquired lots of intelligence on the current business trends, thanks to the expert trainers of Multisoft. The employer says that training at Multisoft has enhanced our analytical skills, and we are now all set to face the contemporaries with new enthusiasm and better business strategies. I as an employee is achieving the level best to give my 100% potential in my work and show my potential simultaneously coordinating with the team.Icons

Deepak Gopal

The employer says that Certified Business Analysis Professional training provided by Multisoft has enhanced the productivity of their employees. The trainer demonstrated the business rules and advised them on BABOK® Guide V3.0 and IIBA guidelines and standards. The employee has improved his performance after getting trained on the CBAP training. Thanks to the practical insight of Multisoft the employee is now working smarter and their productivity is reaching towards success. Icons


According to the employer Multisoft has offered the training, which was, according to the business rules and advised them on BABOK® Guide V3.0 and IIBA guidelines and standards. Focusing on the CBAP exam, the trainers demonstrated the syllabus by giving various live examples to make the candidates understand the depth of the matter so that they would be able to take better decisions in the future to resolve the project related issues.

It is a notable thing that the candidates are now coordinating with their team and their communication lead us to result good in reaching towards the peak of the business. All thanks to Multisoft the employees are delivering exceeding expectation productivity. Icons

Tata Global Beverages Limited

It was an amazingly interesting class of Revit Architecture, I have learnt a lot from the trainer. The most appreciative feature of Multisoft Virtual Academy is its promptness, everyone in the crew from teaching to non teaching were very polite and punctual. My overall experience of joining an online class was good and I will look forward to join for some relevant courses in near future. I will definitely recommend MVA to those, who are willing to join online classes. Icons

Aurio Ricardo Namburete
Revit Structure, Mozambique

I am satisfied with the training provided by the trainer and the way the class was carried out. Focusing on the real time scenarios, the trainer provided various live examples, which is now helping me a lot in dealing with the business obstacles in dealing with the progress of the business projects. The non teaching staffs of Multisoft were very cooperative as well, they informed about the class timings on the regular basis. Nevertheless, the training was very interactive and knowledgeable. Icons

Vinodhkumar Susainathan
CBAP, The Netherlands

Joining Multisoft Virtual Academy for Primavera P6 Professional training lead my career towards growth, the training sessions were very interesting and interactive because of the patient ad knowledgeable trainer. He helped me a lot in understanding the topics and he always made sure to revise the previous topics before starting the new one. It was really an amazing experience attending training with such a knowledgeable trainer. Thumps up to the efforts MVA has made to make the training successfully, I will definitely look forward joining MVA again in the near future for online training related to my career. Icons

Mill Davis Nii Lantey
Primavera® P6, GHANA

I have joined Multisoft Virtual Academy to prepare for the CBAP exam and I would gladly say that MVA solved my purpose of developing insight simultaneously continuing with my work. The course modules were designed to provide perfection and the sessions were aligned according to my convenience. The trainer assigned to train us to be very knowledgeable, who helped us by offering various real time examples of the industry and resolved our issues related to the subject matter. Attending training at MVA is a mesmerizing experience. Icons

Waqas Haider
CBAP, Australia

It was great joining Multisoft Virtual Academy because of the instructor, who was so knowledgeable. He was full of enthusiasm and made the training session so interesting by providing lots of examples which helped me in understanding the concept of BASE SAS easily. He was very punctual with his timings, which is obviously a plus point. Nevertheless, it was great attending training with MVA, I will definitely look forward joining MVA in the future and will recommend others as well. Icons

Ryan Kim
Base SAS®, United States

Joining Multisoft Virtual Academy was a great experience, entire training was full of enthusiasm and knowledge. The training proves to be very beneficial for me in my career growth. I would like to thank my trainer, he made the training sessions so interesting, so that after working all day long, I eagerly wanted to attend the class; the sessions were interactive and well organized. I am obliged to the entire team of MVA for providing the training brilliantly. Icons

Ravi Kodambakam
Primavera® P6, Perth, Australia

The entire team of the training advisors to the trainer were warm and welcoming. The most notable and worth it thing was the remote access to the training client portal. I would like to thank the trainer, who was very passionate about providing training and helped me a lot in understanding the Material Management in SAP with ease. He made the entire training experience very cheerful. He helped me to understand the entire MM clearly, from the business point of view, which helped me a lot in enhancing my career. Icons

Happiness Nwakaego Agboola
SAP ERP-MM, Nigeria

Attending PDMS training from Multisoft Virtual Academy provided me a great opportunity to work efficiently on the software. I would like to thank MVA for its punctuality, the sessions were conducted at their scheduled time. The trainer was very helpful and patient, he made our concept clear on the implementation of the PDMS intelligence and helped us in dealing with the real time scenarios. Learning PDMS with MVA was a great experience. I will recommend MVA to those who want to learn PDMS online. Icons

PDMS, Philippines

Earlier I was worried about attending the class from the trainer of different time zones, but Multisoft Virtual Academy has broke my illusion by conducting the sessions timely. The trainer was superb and helped us a lot in understanding the fundamentals of SP3D. This training proves to be very helpful in my career development as it helps me a lot in making the effective use of the software. I am very grateful of MVA for enlightening in such a way. I will definitely recommend MVA for online courses.Icons

Luke William Richards

The ISTQB Online Course offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy was very useful and helped me to gain knowledge of how to conduct testing in a more organized manner. The trainer was very knowledgeable and make me understand the different testing concepts and methods, which helped me in my career. The most notable and appreciatable fact about Multisoft Virtual Academy was their admission procedure, which was very smooth, and the trainer they provided me was also very flexible in the training dates and timings, which I find very rare and convenient because as a working person we have other commitments as well, but thanks to MVA I was able to manage both efficientlyIcons

Zoey Teo
ISTQB® Foundation, Singapore

I have attended MCSA Windows Server 2012 workshop at Multisoft Virtual Academy, this was really a great experience; every session was very organized and pursued according to the scheduled timetable. The trainer was very knowledgeable, he helped the team to understand the concepts by presenting various live examples, which helps us a lot in succeeding in our career later. Nevertheless, the entire session was full of knowledge and helped us to build our confidence, I will definitely recommend MVA for online certification.Icons

Johnny Wajih Abou Fayad
MCSA Training, Lebanon

The entire learning experience with Multisoft Virtual Academy was very insightful, the training was properly followed to perform the CBAP exam, moreover, the material used during the course was satisfactory. Focusing on the trainer’s ability, she was very knowledgeable and patient as well. She always listened to our queries and explains that with examples, which helped me a lot in my career later. Multisoft Virtual Academy has improved my analytical skills in terms of business and I thank the entire crew of MVA for making the online training concept so interesting and convenient for everyone. Icons

Emanuela Duma
CBAP, Italy

Thanks to the amazing training sessions provided by the expert trainer of MVA, I have gained a plethora of knowledge that helped me a lot in enhancing my career graph. I gained knowledge on the Investment cast process (other casting processes too) and its application within the Magma software. The trainer was very helpful , flexible and kept me well informed at all the times, furthermore, he tried to help by going out of the box all the time and I always be thankful to MVA for providing such a knowledgeable trainer. Icons

Pramod Kumar Kannekanti
Magma5, United Kingdom

It was a great learning experience, MVA provided the most patient and knowledgeable trainer, who made the learning experience a memorable one by making the learning sessions interactive, where we get the chance to put our queries related to CBAP and the trainer explains the topics by providing various real time examples. I am very grateful to MVA for providing quality training that helped me a lot in increasing my career graph. I would look forward to join some other courses with MVA. Icons

Syeda Ramish Saad
CBAP, United Arab Emirates

I am very thankful to the highly supportive team of the Multisoft Virtual Academy they helped in finishing the training on time. I am very satisfied with the training modules, it was designed to provide complete information about the subject matter. Moreover, focusing on the knowledge aspects, the trainer helped a lot to make us understand the topics by giving various examples. The training helped me a lot in my career growth, I would say the entire learning session with MVA was an excellent one.Icons

Moddathir Abdalla Gasimlseed Ibrahim
C/Side NAV, Ethiopia

Joining SAP FICO training online helped me a lot in my career, I am getting benefitted today and this has shaped my career to see the best for the future. I appreciate the effort of the trainer, I would must say that he was the subject matter expert, the way he explained every topic, he deserves a an applause. I would highly recommend Multisoft Virtual Academy all, who is looking forward to join online courses. I will surely join some relevant course from MVA in near the future. Icons


The trainer was well behaved and always listen to our query patiently and answered it in simpler way. Online training not only saves the time, but helps in understanding the Revit MEP (Mechinical& Electrical) structure easily.MVA’s online Aurocad Revit mep training is worth for all the candidates, looking for an expert’s assistance with hands on practical knowledge.Icons

Emma B’Dacy
Revit MEP, Canada

The course helped a lot in understanding data manipulation techniques and the programming essentials of SAS. The trainer was very helpful and cleared the doubts. He was very patient and answered all the questions with examples in every case. The ref. modules offered by the institute were also very helpful and so was the assignments and the mock tests. Overall, there training was a good experience. Icons

Faranak Khadjehpour
Base SAS®, Canada

Attending online classes from MVA was a great experience. The trainer was knowledgeable and every interaction with him was full of enlightenment on MCSE BI. The main benefit of joining the online training from MVA has raised my self-motivation and now I am more confident in handling the business issues, the training helped me in developing new reports, KPIs and other stuff for the organization, where I am working. This helped me a lot in being in the limelight and achieving what I am today. Icons

Hilton Fortes
MCSE BI, Mozambique

It was a very exciting experience to learn how to implement SSAS, SSRS and SSIS efficiently. I am impressed with the trainer, he tried his level best to make the module simpler for us, and as a result, I am now possessed a complete overview of the course contents and I can implement the skill efficiently thanks to MVA’s online training. Icons

Mauro A. Litsure
MCSE BI, Mozambique

I enjoyed the PMP training offered by MVA. The trainer has in-depth knowledge on the subject matter. She ensured that I understood the material by explaining it using real-world scenarios. The training helped me a lot in building insight in Project management and it changed my vision of handling the project. Icons

Nicole K. Edmunds
PMP®, Bermuda

Joining MVA for SAP Finance and Controlling helped me a lot. I have gained confidence and I would now be confident starting an employment using this software. I am very pleased with the effort of the trainer, he gave enough time to explain the topics and helped in gaining hands-on experience as well. Entire training was a great experience as I have learnt a lot and gained confidence in using the software. I am quite satisfied with the training and would look forward to join for some relevant courses in the future as well. Icons

Benjamin Scott Graham
SAP-FI/CO, Australia

The training was really helpful in the career so far. The learning methodology was candidate friendly and I really enjoyed the Q & A sessions during the training. Moreover, the course material and other reference material were satisfactory and was properly followed and met deadlines. The plus point of the training is that they provided us extra material to practice, which helps me to figure-out various new things about SAP FICO. I appreciate MVA for providing me additional assistance on computer programs and excel. I would more than happy to enroll in any other relevant course in the future with MVA. Icons


I am happy with the SP3D training provided by MVA. I would definitely recommend this institute if anyone wants to take a SP3D training virtually. This trainer was good and tried in the best possible way to make us understand the Smart Plant modeling and structuring perfectly. It was really a great learning experience.Icons

AMirhossein khazaee

My best wishes for MultisoftVartual Academy as an Indian Institution, for providing, such a good career growth service, they provide all that a candidate requires to enhance their career. I as a Marine Design Professionalneeds to enhance my designing skills and because of the immensely knowledgeable trainers I have learned a lot about Catia V5 R21 Software that will definitely help in my career. Icons

Jayanta Das
CATIA®, India

I must say that my experience with the MVA team was cordial and very good. The trainer was very knowledgeable and time conscious, his teaching Style was learner oriented the helped us in understanding the accounts and finance disciplines easily. I have learnt a lot from this training, hope this will lead me towards better job opportunities. Icons

Nkongho Johnson Nkongho
SAP-FI/CO, Cameroon

SAP FICO training sessions from MVA have cleared my vision on the subject matter; I appreciate the effort of the trainer, his training methods were impressive and make the candidates understand the topic easily. My learning experience with MVA was good, I am looking forward to enroll for more courses that will enhance my career.Icons

Tang Mun Chin
SAP-FI/CO, Malaysia

The trainer was very knowledgeable and her friendly interrogative sessions make us comfortable to ask queries, which she answers very politely. Thanks to MVA, my knowledge on CBAP is now crystal clear. I will definitely recommend MVA for online training and will look forward to enroll for more courses in the future. Icons

Muhammad Azam
CBAP, Australia

Getting enrolled in CBAP® Exam Preparation Workshop based on BABOK®V3.0 organized by MVA helped me a lot. This insight me about the BABOK rule that is globally accepted. The effort of MVA training crew is really appreciative.Icons

Arun Chaithanya Yeruva

I would like to thank MVA for providing such a great trainer full of explicitness. The CBAP training really helped me a lot in career growth. The punctuality of the training and the technical crew is appreciable. I appreciate the effort of the trainer. Icons

Muhammad Azam
CBAP, Australia

The Trade and logistics AX 2012 training from Multisoft Virtual Academy proves to be the ladder towards success for me. The trainer helped me all the way possible to resolve my issues. The technical crew were also very supportive and helped a lot in resolving technical faults. Hence, I cannot say that the training has made me the expert on AX, but this was the first step for me towards expertise, that to MVAs training, it helped me a lot. Icons

Mohammad Yasar
AX Distribution and Trade, Malaysia

I am really happy with the training methods of the trainer, he always listened to our queries and helped us in resolving them. He narrated various examples to make us understand the ethics of business ethics and enhance our insight on the subject matter. My experience at MVA Certified Business Analysis professional online training was really amazing. I would look forward to get enrolled in more training relevant to my career and would recommend MVA to my known as well. Icons

Ankit Bhatt
CBAP, Canada

MAV’s CBAP online training is worth joining because of the abrupt support provided by the trainers. The trainer was well acquainted and well behaved; the trainer explains every topic with ease and explanatory examples that helps a lot in understanding the business analytic ethics easily. I would like to thank him for his amazing support and training methods and I thank him for listening to our queries so patiently. I would recommend online training from MVA. Icons

CBAP, India

The course was highly informative and helpful in overall development of my professional career.Being a professional, I was well-versed with the basics of my domain. But I wanted to brush-up my skills to catch better career opportunities. So, I connected to Multisoft Virtual Academy and enrolled in the online training. Though, this was my first experience with virtual training, but I am fully satisfied with what I received. From punctuality to content delivery, the training was perfect in all aspects.

Thanks MVA for your support. All the Best! Icons

Vijay Bhatt
SAP ERP-MM, South Africa

It was a nice experience. I appreciate the team who guided me well during my training session. The training mentor gave me detailed knowledge about the course. After this training I feel more confident about my profile. The best part about the training is that it was highly customized which gave me a sigh of relief when I ran out of time. I thank the entire MVA team for their support and guidance.Icons

Shweta Vaichalkar
ISTQB Test Manager, USA

I am greatly impressed with the preparation methodology of Multisoft Virtual Academy. The Instructors, preparing facilitator and the whole administration have been to a great degree smooth, simple and stunning amid the entire instructional meeting. The best part about the preparation was that it kept running off viably with no imperfections in the center.Icons

Shahida Salavoodeen
CBAP, Australia

It was a good affair. I esteem the group who guided me well in the midst of my instructional courses. The coach gave me indicate point data about the course. After this preparation, I feel all the more beyond any doubt about my profile. The best part about the preparation is that it was significantly changed which gave me an indication of help when I came up short on time.. I thank the entire MVA gather for their support and heading.Icons


At whatever point I expected toward to concede my sessions, Multisoft helped me to pick some other time which helped me a significant measure. About the tutor, he was really experienced in the specific area. He illuminated me well about the Sybase modules and I learnt a ton under his direction.

Not just this, I was appropriately imparted for the forthcoming sessions and the review arranges ahead of time by the preparation counselor which I appreciate a lot

Thank you Multisoft! Icons

Katherine Louise A. Rogacion
ERP, Philippines

The preparation was viable in an assortment of formal and casual presentation settings by giving pertinent real time examples. The Trainer has imparted viably, both inside and outside the ISTQB points and on complex themes. I might want to thank the whole MVA group for the support and help during CBAP training sessions.

Thanks MVA !!! Icons

Priyanks Saxena

The training was great. The entire preparing procedure was consistent. I got my class on time, the coach was experienced and he cleared my ideas well.. The pace at which I was being educated was flawless, neither too moderate nor too quick. This helped me get a handle on well. So, the preparation worked goof for me.Icons

Rajani Shete
ISTQB Test Manager, USA

To be extremely legitimate, I wasn't expecting enough from the online learning platform before enlisting with the MVA's online training program yet amazingly it functioned admirably for me.

They were super adaptable to oblige plans in every possible way which I welcome a considerable measure. Generally speaking, satisfied with the entire procedure from beginning till the completion of the course.

Thanks Multisoft !!!Icons

PIC Microcontroller, Algeria

The training was compelling in a variety of formal and casual presentation by giving real time examples. The Trainer has effectively communicated, both inside and outside the ITIL foundation point and on complex topics. I might want to thank the whole MVA group for the support and help amid ITIL foundation training sessions.

Thank you Multisoft !!!Icons

ITIL® Foundation, CANADA

The sessions were on time and I got regular updates for the same. This helped me to reexamine my past notes before the preparation and get ready better. MuItisoft systems have provided the base that is required to clear the CBAP examination. With this preparation, I am presently ready to work easily as a Business analyst in an association. Adding more to the benefits, the training made me sufficiently sure to persuade my management to conduct training for the other candidate also.

I truly value the endeavors made to guarantee effective communication so that the training can be conducted without any hindrances.
Good work, Keep it up!!Icons

Hong Lei
CBAP, Canada

I am very happy with my Solidworks training from Multisoft. When I began, I had just fundamental learning about the subject yet the preparation helped me to dive profound into the details of Solidworks framework. I build some great skills during the viable instructional courses and got the certificate for the same from Multisoft.

I feel more sure and secured after the preparation and quite sure that the aptitudes created and certificate earned at this stage will snatch better profession offers.Icons

Ramanathan Subramaniam
SolidWorks® , Singapore

Being an SPI in tools professional, I was well-versed with the basics of my domain. But I wanted to brush-up my skills to catch better career opportunities. So, I connected to Multisoft Virtual Academy and enrolled in the SPI in tools online training. Though, this was my first experience with virtual training, but I am, completely happy with what I got. From punctuality in content delivery, the training was perfect in all aspects. The objective of enrolling in the SPI tool training has been fulfilled now.

Thanks MVA for your support.Icons

Gagandeep Singh
SmartPlant INtools, INDIA

I am extremely roused with the training procedure of Multisoft Virtual Academy. The Instructors, training facilitator and the entire management have been extremely smooth, easy and lovely during the whole training session. The best part about the training was that it ran off effectively without any defects in the middle. Additionally, the cost of the AX2012 Financials online training class appears to be affordable to me. It truly suited me well to have the preparation saturday/sunday. It is exceptionally adaptable and simple to fit into the every day program.Icons

Johnny Bendtsen
AX Financials, USA

It was a decent experience. I value the team who guided me well amid my training sessions. The trainer gave me point to point information about the course. After this training I feel more sure about my profile. The best part about the training is that it was profoundly tweaked which gave me a a sign of relief when I ran out of time.. I thank the whole MVA group for their support and direction.Icons


The STAAD Pro course taken at Multisoft was of special advantage to me. The trainer covered all the topics in a clear way. He was a specialist in each topic which additionally helped to get the course finished on time and with no troubles. I am very certain that this training will help me in getting better outcomes ahead.

Not only this, I was properly communicated for the upcoming sessions and the study plans in advance by the training advisor which I personally appreciate a lot. Icons

Vivekanandan Shanmugasundaram
STAAD.Pro® v8i, Norway

It was another experience for me to learn and grow new aptitudes and abilities utilizing online learning methods and I must say it was remarkable. I discovered two major preferences of learning CATIA V5 by Multisoft. First the seamless communication and second the expert guidance. At whatever point I expected to defer my sessions, Multisoft helped me to choose another time which helped me a considerable measure. About the mentor, he was truly experienced in the particular domain. He clarified me well about the CATIA modules and I learnt a ton under his guidance.

Thank you Multisoft!Icons


I am quite impressed with the training methodology of Multisoft Virtual Academy. The Instructors, training coordinator and the whole dealing with the company has been very smooth, effortless and pleasant during the entire training session. They were super flexible to accommodate schedules in any way possible which I appreciate a lot. Trainer was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Overall, extremely happy with the whole process starting from signing up to the completion of course.

Excellent value!!Icons

Ameet Nindra

The training was effective in a variety of formal and informal presentation settings by providing relevant real time examples. The Trainer has communicated effectively, both inside and outside the ISTQB topics and on complex topics. I would like to thank the entire MVA team for the support and help during ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager training sessions.Icons

Manjunatha Koosalapur
ISTQB Test Manager, India

It was a new experience for me to learn new program using online learning platform and I must say it was amazing. I found two big advantages of leaning online SAP training by Multisoft. First the seamless communication and second the expert guidance.

Whenever I needed to delay my sessions, Multisoft assisted me to select alternate time which helped me a lot. Not only this, I was properly communicated for the upcoming sessions and the study plans in advance by the training advisor which I personally appreciate a lot.

About the trainer, he was really experienced in the SAP domain. He explained me well about the SAP modules and I learnt a lot under his guidance. Thank you Multisoft!Icons

Amani Albalushi

The PeopleSoft technical course taken at Multisoft was of very much benefit to me. The trainer covered all the topics in a lucid manner. He was expert in every topic as I got to learn about something different and important PeopleSoft modules. The training advisor also helped a lot to get the course completed on time and without any difficulties. I am quite sure that this training will help me in catching better results ahead.Icons

Nikhat Jamadar
PeopleSoft HRMS, India

The training was good. The whole training process was seamless. I got my class on time, the trainer was experienced and he cleared my concepts well. Sometimes I required shifting my class timings and I got proper assistance for that. The pace at which I was being taught was perfect, neither too slow nor too fast. This helped me grasp well. In short, the training worked well for me.Icons

Ashwin Kumar Iyer
PeopleSoft HRMS, Canada

I was enrolled in the CBAP training program and I must say it was a really good experience. The trainer was expert in this field and had strong commands on the BABOK V3 knowledge areas. I got some really good concepts to learn both theoretical as well as practical. As I am done with my training, I feel quite confident about my skills and expertise that I built with a deep understanding of various BABOK concepts. I too got knowledge about the BA tools which seems an added advantage to me. On a whole, great people, great training experience. Thanks MVA.Icons

Ponni Ravish
CBAP, Australia

It was a nice experience. I appreciate the team who guided me well during my training session. The training mentor gave me detailed knowledge about the course. After this training I feel more confident about my profile. The best part about the training is that it was highly customized which gave me a sigh of relief when I ran out of time. I thank the entire MVA team for their support and guidance.Icons

Taiwo Olawuni
CBAP, United Kingdom

I am quite satisfied with my SAP -Sales & Distribution training from Multisoft. When I started, I had only basic knowledge about the subject, but the training helped me to dig deep into the technicalities of Sales and Distribution system. I build some good skills during the practical training sessions. I feel more confident after the training and quite sure that the skills developed here will help me to grab better job offersIcons

IYANDA Joseph Adewale
SAP SD, Southern Africa

The sessions were on time and I received timely reminders for the same. This helped me to revise my past notes before the training and prepare better. I have got the base I needed in mastering the SAP ERP Finance system. With this training from Multisoft, I am now able to work comfortably as a Finance Manager in an organization which has SAP deployed. Adding more to the benefits, the training made me confident enough to convince my management to migrate to SAP System for the benefit of the company as a whole.

I really appreciate the efforts made to ensure proper communication sustains and the training run successfullyIcons

Fai Franklin Ndi

I really liked the way the instructor guided me throughout the program, helping me understand the concepts. I learnt much more that what I expected. The support and service I got from the trainer and the training advisor was excellent. I was also provided with extra sessions to clear my subject doubts, which I really appreciate. I will definitely recommend Multisoft Virtual Academy to other learners who want to study Primavera course.Icons

Malik Shahnaz Ahmad
Primavera® P6, UAE

Many thanks to the entire Multisoft Virtual Academy team for providing exemplary service and support, throughout all the training sessions. The training advisor was very cooperative. Trainer’s knowledge and teaching methods were of high levels. His expertise in the subject helped me a lot in learning the course concepts extensively. I will definitely recommend this academy to other learnersIcons


The experience was excellent and surpassed my expectation. Both, the training advisor and trainer were fully supportive throughout all the sessions. I really appreciate the high level of training standards maintained by MVA. I learned Cisco CCNA concepts comprehensively and easily. This has helped me a lot in my profession, as I have been able to effectively relate the concepts learned to my work objectives. Many thanks for the great work and the course materials.Icons

Halonda Denis Enock
CCNA® R & S, Uganda

I was very pleased with the support I got from the trainer. All my doubts were cleared on-time, and I gained a lot in relation to conceptual knowledge and practical skill-set. I scored almost 100 percentile in my exam, all because of the quality of training I was provided with. Thank you Multisoft for such a wonderful experience.Icons

Sowmya. P
ISTQB® Foundation, USA

I am taking this opportunity to thank the entire team of Multisoft Virtual Academy for the extensive support and great learning environment they provided me during my STAAD. Pro course, especially the trainer and training coordinator. Overall, I had a great learning experience.Icons

Marina M. Valentine
STAAD.Pro® v8i, India

The whole experience at Multisoft was very pleasing and motivating. The trainer and advisor were very kind and answered all my queries in a timely and friendly manner. My objective to become expert in 2-dimensional drafting to 3-dimensional modeling was fulfilled completely with CATIA V5 training, to help me make a great start for a career in the automobile industry. The trainer is highly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. It was an experience of a lifetime with the Multisoft Virtual AcademyIcons

Marina M. Valentine

The training helped me learn more than what I was expecting. The trainer was very supportive and guided me comprehensively. I would like to attend more training sessions from him in futureIcons

Malik Shahnaz Ahmad

Trainer and Advisor were very cooperative throughout the training period. The whole experience with Multisoft has proved to be an important step for excellent start to my career. Thank you so muchIcons

Arjun Soman
STAAD.Pro® v8i, Qatar

Trainer's knowledge and skills of teaching were great. He helped me a lot during the whole training duration. I am highly thankful that I got such a good trainer who has always been helpful to clear my doubts Icons

Shital Khaladkar
ISTQB Test Manager, Germany

Multisoft is an excellent training institute and the trainer was also very knowledgeable. Now, I have learnt all the skills of a good developer. I am thankful to Multisoft, the Trainer and the Training Advisor for the support they provided during the training Icons

Ismaila Camara
Core Java®, USA

I would like to thank Multisoft team for their constant support and help that they extended during my study period. I gained proficiency in planning, initiation, closing, and execution, and now I am moderately proficient in monitoring and controlling process groups and cleared my PMP exam on 30th May. I am thankful to Multisoft for the same. I would like to especially thank the Training Advisor for the constant support, as all my queries were answered properly. Also, the sessions were arranged to clarify doubts, along with the mock test sessions.Icons

PMP®, India

It was a good learning experience with Multisoft. The trainer adhered to the timings and the concepts were explained very well. Notes were mailed immediately after the session. Also, the problem of downloading the software was resolved by the IT team timely. I am sure that the course will be of great help to me in the future and I look forward for good job opportunities. The online session delivery was clear, without any disturbance. Overall, it was a good learning experienceIcons

Anushka S. Ghadigaonkar
Base SAS®, India

I am very satisfied with the course content and the training delivery. I would recommend my friends too for this course. The trainer was easily approachable and knowledgeableIcons

Srikrushna Patro
SAS Programmer, USA

The Training Advisor and the Trainer, both were very helpful and approachable. I am thankful for this great support from Multisoft. I found the training very informative and received every bit of support I needed. I will recommend it to my friends also.Icons

Qusai Domur
AX Financials, Saudi Arabia

The trainer was excellent and knowledgeable, as she explained the material in a way that I was able to understand the topics clearly. The illustrations and examples provided were a good tool to convey the knowledge of the concepts. I am hopeful that this will help me in my current job when I will start working using SASIcons

Stacey Moody
SAS Programmer, USA

I have received the knowledge more than I expected and now I am able to model some complex structures also in Tekla. The trainer had a lot of patience and was deeply knowledgeable and this motivated me to assimilate a lot in a short span of timeIcons

Goza Komi Sitsofe
CAD/CAM, Ghana

The training provided me a good introduction about various knowledge areas and enhanced my practical proficiency. The trainer was also good and flexible in taking the sessions. Overall, it was a good experienceIcons

Ankur Khankhanwala
CBAP, India

It was a great experience of joining the training of Tekla from Multisoft. Free learning materials from Multsioft are of great help for every student to get a better understanding of the topics. I am happy to be a part of the trainingIcons

CAD/CAM, Ghana

My experience with the team was very good and I believe this training will be helpful for me to get a desired job. I also highly appreciate the help provided by the training advisors, as they always replied with patience and instantly replied to my queries, as and when required. The trainer was highly knowledgeable, as he clarified all my queries related to the course. I have recommended Multisoft Virtual Academy to my friends, too. I look forward to enroll in other courses in the future.Icons

Harouna Diallo
SAP HANA, Canada

Joining this course acted as a gateway for me and gave me a starting point of learning CBAP in-depth. It turned very beneficial, as it helped me to start my journey in a better way.Icons

Ahmed Adel Ibrahim Selim
CBAP, Human Resources Expert in Public Works Authority, United Arab Emirates

The course content is comprehensive yet easy to understand the concepts and processes. It was delivered in an organized manner and I was able to learn a lot. The trainer was very knowledgeable. I am happy with the course training and would recommend it to others also Icons

Reynaldo Mijares

Being a Mechanical Engineer my work demanded learning new designing software to keep myself updated for emerging challenges. I highly appreciate the support and cooperation provided by Multisoft Virtual Academy. The Time Management, trainer’s knowledge and the way of imparting the course are highly appreciable.Icons

Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Basher Siddiqui
CATIA®, United Arab Emirates

I am happy being a part of the Multisoft training and the trainer did an excellent job with his vast knowledge on the subject. He answered to all my queries with patience and clarified all my doubts. The recorded sessions were also very helpful and I could watch it at later stages to know more. The co-ordinator was also very helpful. I would look forward to enroll for more courses from Multisoft.Icons

Saji Satheesan

Choosing to study PeopleSoft 9.2 at Multisoft turned out to be a good decision for me and now I feel more confident while I work on the exam preparation questions for Oracle’s Certification exam. My instructor was extremely knowledgeable about Peoplesoft and was able to convey the concepts in a way that I could easily understand. I would highly recommend others to enroll in the trainingIcons

Michael Moorman
PeopleSoft Receivables, USA

Multisoft has helped in a very good manner and assisted me in completing CBAP Training. It was an excellent experience and I am sure this will boost up the implementation of Business Analysis activities in my daily work. I once again thanks everyone for what has been a tremendous learning experienceIcons

Sushil Trivedi
CBAP, Kenya

The Trainer had excellent teaching skills and was very well able to teach all the topics listed by Microsoft, seamlessly in quick time, and with great efforts. Training Advisor was also suppportive. Overll, I had a great experience.Icons

Irfan Ahamed
MCSA® 70-410, System Admin, USA

The course was highly informative and helped in vital development of my professional skills. The instructor was well informed about the course content. The training advisor was also very helpful and supported me throughout to keep me updated about the sessions. Keep up the good work!Icons

Touseef M Sulaimani
CBAP, Sr. Business Analyst - IT , UAE

I am thankful to the trainer, as he helped me to walk through the whole CBAP training course material. This helped me a lot to understand the concepts of BABOK. Initially, I thought that BABOK will be tough to understand, but the trainer's knowledge and extensive support through one-on-one session made it much easier for meIcons

Madhava Natraj Elangovan
CBAP, Australia

The Training Advisor was very supportive and responded to every question and information I needed before and during the training. The trainer was highly knowledgeable, very patient and made me feel comfortable through the duration of the classIcons

Augustine Oranwusi
Salesforce® Admin, USA

I was happy that I opted for the online training from Multisoft Virtual Academy. The trainer was excellent in imparting the lessons, with great communication skills. All my queries were answered patiently by the trainer and this helped me to understand the concepts in a better wayIcons

Nwando Oranwusi
Salesforce® Admin, USA

I highly appreciate the knowledge and the information imparted by Multisoft, during my CBAP training. The trainer had a firm grip over the concepts that helped me learn a lot. His knowledge and expertise about the Industry and BABOK was very impressive. In addition, the teaching method at Multisoft proved that I made the right choice about joining Multisoft. I would definitely recommend other CBAP learners to join this institute.

Thanks Multisoft for providing excellent training.Icons

Jignesh Kumar Trivedi
CBAP, Canada

The trainer is very passionate in imparting his knowledge and expertise on Oracle 11g DBA Release 2. It was helpful to understand the new features of Oracle 11g as he explained the concepts very well. He helped me in enhancing my skills in Linux by getting hands-on to the setup of the lab environment. The entire training helped reinforce what I know because of our environment in production server.Icons

Katherine Louise A. Rogacion
Oracle® Admin 11g, Oracle DBA (Independent Contractor) , Philippines

The Facilitator was professional, knowledgeable and was helpful. He stepped beyond borders to help and clarify lots of problems encountered throughout the SAS course. The point of contact, Training Advisor, was caring and understanding. Received technical support throughout the course should also be commended. Would recommend Multisoft Virtual Academy for my friends, with no hesitation.Icons

Thusitha Gamage
SAS Programmer, Lending Manager St. George Bank, UK

With the course, I got a good understanding of the Primavera P6 and the hand on experience is as good as if was in-class training. The Trainer, understands the Primavera P6 Solution very well and was able to communicate effectively hence making the sessions informative. He was patient to ensure I understood all the modules. The Training advisor, was also very supportive all through the process of learning. Her commitment to the business is second to none as she followed up each step to ensure I get registered for the course successfully. She was always there to answer several logistical questions to have a successful Primavera training. I rate the training Very High.Icons

Foluso Jibowo
Primavera® P6, Client Technical Professional Cloud, Nigeria

The Multisoft team was very helpful and informative when you had a question with regards to the course. The Trainer for the course, was highly knowledgeable and helpful. He took the time to make sure that the work he taught was understandable by his students. If there was a slight sign of someone not getting his inputs, he would instantly stop and go over the exact same problem that was not understood until the student gets exactly what he meant. Learning material was really insightful and helpful. The practice tests were also a good way to test my knowledge. They also supplied recordings of the sessions, which was amazing due to the fact if you missed something, you could just always watch it again later, which was worthy.Icons

Kamil Yaylaci
Primavera® P6,

Working in a competitive multinational environment, it is impossible for me to take leave from my responsibility to update my skills. I searched through various options who can provide interactive real time online training, and found Multisoft. After thorough research, I enrolled there for SP3D online training and belive me it was a fantastic learning experieince. The remote desktop access to SP3D really is helping me to get hands on expertise. I did not really expect the training to go on so well. I would highly recommend my friends who would like to get trained in SP3D modeling to attend this course. Thanks Multisoft !!!Icons

Dany Paul B Jacob
SP3D, Piping Engineer, Saudi Arabia

My experience with Multisoft was pretty good. It was very well assisted by the Training Advisor since the beginning till the end of this Primavera P6 training without any issues or concerns.

The Trainer was a professional, patient, and humble person. He makes me understand very well Primavera P6, the software that I didn’t know anything about. His step-by-step approach made all the topics clear to me.

This course will benefit me because is part of my career development and will be very useful for the rest of my life.

I feel myself lucky and happy to attend this course with Multisoft.

Thank you Multisoft for everything!!Icons

Nsadi Kissoka
Primavera® P6, Angola

I am extremely pleased by the mode of training imparted to me on NX CAM bundle. I would like to acknowledge my heartful thanks to the Multisoft group, in delivering me with the training online as I requested. I must extend my special thanks to the Trainer, who looked after me throughout the delivery sessions and I feel quite happy in receiving these valuables through an expert who shared his valuable time, effort and area of expertise.

I would justify the whole teaching sessions as a mark of excellence, considering my sincere rating on areas like Knowledge, Study Material, Training Contents and Delivery.

It was the one kind of a training that I was looking forward to pursue. I am glad that I gained confidence in interacting with NX CAM and looking forward to gradually applying my expertise.

I would always love to call it an absolute Educare System, where a disciple can always walk in to seek a great learning experience, and would highly recommend it to anyone who sincerely seeks true knowledge.Icons

Deepak Mavunkal
CAD/CAM, Korea

The training was very resourceful and it enables me to validate proposed solutions to any project requirement appropriately. Icons

Nseobong Assensio Etim
CBAP, Nigeria

Multisoft has helped me a lot in learning the concepts of Core Java and Android. The trainer was also very helpful and guided me throughout the Core Java and android online training. It has helped me to improve the career prospectives.Icons

Amit Verma
Android®, India

The trainer has good knowledge and has taught me the technical skills very well. The MIS online training has helped me a lot in shaping up the career endeavors.Icons

Amandeep Singh
Macro and VBA Excel, Associate Manager, India

I have learnt a lot in the SQT training and explored many prospects of testing. The Software Quality Testing helped in getting to know the concepts related to manual and automated testing.Icons

Amit Giri
ISTQB® Foundation, India

The trainer had good knowledge of the topics and deep understanding of the software. The CATIA online training was very helpful for my career.Icons

Sundram Rituraj
CATIA®, India

The training is ITIL foundation online training is very helpful and informative. Icons

Ravi Bhardwaj
ITIL® Foundation, Sr. Application Engineer, India

The knowledge about the course and ITIL online training was great and I felt the sessions were very interactive. The content is also very good.Icons

Mukesh Kumar
ITIL® Foundation, India

It was a good and helpful training. The CoreJava and Android online training was imparted very well by the trainers and he clarified my doubts aptly.Icons

Srishti Jain
Core Java®, India

It was great. I have learned a lot of new things in C. All the topics were clearly explained.Icons

Programming and Development, India

Regarding the experience with team Trainer is really professional. He always answered the queries and kept me motivated. This course provided me proper knowledge of Ethical Hacking that I want. The skills imparted here, I believe will help in cracking interviews.Icons

Amit Gupta
Ethical Hacking, India

The instructor was very knowledgeable and I feel pleased to take this course from Multisoft Virtual Academy, as it developed the good foundation of Hadoop and Big Data conceptsIcons

Praveer Gupta
Hadoop, India

I learnt the concepts of CEH and got a deep understanding of the course of CEH. The trainer helped a lot in the imparting Certified Ethical Hacking online training and it was well organized.Icons

Ethical Hacking, India

The CATIA online training was very helpful and the trainer was also very punctual and knowledgeable.Icons

Kainat Anwar

The compilation of the knowledge of ITIL foundation is very appreciable and the teaching environment is also supportive. The trainer provided a good understanding in the ITIL foundation online training and answered the questions aptly. Icons

Davinder Singh
ITIL® Foundation, System Analyst, India

It was a great experience and I got a good knowledge of the course taught under Verilog online training. The mentor was also very helpful.Icons

Shefali Verma
Verilog, India

The MIS online training was the right choice for me and I gained an understanding of very informative concepts during the training. Icons

Yogesh Kumar
MS Excel, India

The course was beneficial in terms of knowledge and helped me in completing project. The trainer was available round the clock to guide and assist in project completion. Knowledge level of the trainer was good and up to the mark. Icons

ISTQB® Foundation, India

Trainer was good and well-versed with the subject. MSP training conducted included all the required concepts
I was looking for.Icons

Jayprakash Sharma
Microsoft Office, India

I have gained detailed knowledge of CEH concepts as the trainer was knowledgable and conducted sessions in an interactive manner.Icons

Suraj Verma
Ethical Hacking, India

Thanks Multisoft Virtual Academy and team for providing such a knowledgable training. The trainer was good and punctual. The good part is I got placed as a Senior Software Engineer during my training only. I am really happy and planning to join more courses related to my field.Icons

Manish Agarwal
Core Java®, India

The trainer was good and cleared all my doubts during the Android online training. The sessions were also interactive.Icons

Poonam Tikarya
Android®, India

The trainer was very supportive and solved my queries. I was also assisted with extra hours for additional help. I appreciate Multisoft team for delivering the training content within specified and realistic time. Icons

Lal Bahadur
Core PHP, India

This training will add to my skills and be advantageous for my career. I had a great experience with Multisoft team.Icons

Puvj Prakash
SQL Fundamentals, India

I'd like to thank Multisoft for the opportunity to participate in this training. I feel the instructor did an excellent job with the subject. The opportunity for questions and answers was always present and easily addressed. The material was covered in a logical manner, allowing following and comprehension seamless. The training adviser was always available and responsive. I am an experienced designer with +30 years in the business. I have trained, worked and written Cad systems. This course provided me with yet another and different look into the logic and progression of a method in the world.Icons

Joel Slayter
SP3D, United States of America

The course has been very beneficial for me and I have learnt many useful things for the SP3D software. I would like to thank my trainer for going through the lessons efficiently with me.Icons

Sabanathan Arul
SP3D, India

I always was doubtful in taking an online training course thinking it could be a fake site but Multisoft was really worth it. I was really happy with the way the training was conducted and being scheduled on time. I never had any problems with the meeting or connectivity and it was a great experience. My trainer had a very good knowledge on the subject and was very patient in answering all my questions and doubts. I will surely subscribe to more training programs from Multisoft. Icons

Tina Marie Jude
CAPM Training, India

The training was a good knowledge brush up and helped me in the preparation for CAPM exam. I will be appearing for the exam soon. The trainer was good and always enthusiastic to help me regarding the course related issues. Icons

Ashish Mehta
CAPM Training, India

The instructor was excellent at sharing industry experience. I learned a lot, including the essential concepts of Primavera software. The course content and material provided is excellent. The trainer is very knowledgeable and experienced. This immensely helped me to achieve the purpose of joining the training. Icons

Ankit Khare
Primavera® P6, India

I opted for the online training sessions because they were convenient to my schedule and the staff at Multisoft was very accommodating, considering the difference in time zones. Training with them made me understand the RHCSA objectives clearly. For example, there were times where even after I read the book and its examples, I still did not get a full grasp of the task or command. I would ask my trainer about it and he would elaborate more on the task and share details that were not in the main page or help documentation. Now that I received my RHCSA certification, I plan on taking more classes with Multisoft because they’re affordable, professional and they care about your success. Icons

Manuel V
CBAP, United States of America

I am delighted to share that I successfully cleared the CBAP® exam, following my CBAP® training with Multisoft Virtual Academy. I am now a Certified Business Analysis Professional. When I initially enrolled for this training, I was with the idea to undergo this just for PDU hours. But when the first training session commenced, it gave me an insight about the program and the need for training. The trainer was very educative and informative and being himself a CBAP®, he was able to answer all of the practical Scenarios that we had in our mind. Also, the last 20 minutes Q&A session at the end of the training was very helpful and it clearly showed where we are and where we should be. At the beginning of every training, the trainer called us to ensure that we were comfortable attending the session. The training advisor very well facilitated all the sessions and kept us pre-informed about every detail. The study material also was concise and clear. I would recommend all CBAP® aspirants to take this training not just for PDU hours but also to have a different experience that will help them mold their BA careers in a positive way.Icons

Balaji Ranganathan
CBAP, India

The training on CBAP® was very nicely conducted. The explanations provided were elaborative and complemented with examples. Trainer was very cordial and co-operative in scheduling of sessions. After the sessions, reading BABOK® has become a very easy exercise. I thank Multisoft for providing insightful and well planned trainings.Icons

Manish Kumar Jalan
CBAP, India

I attended the CBAP® Online Training with Multisoft and must say it was a very flexible one. The good part is that the trainer adapts the approach to the needs of the learner. The training was interactive and helped to identify the knowledge gaps for building a better approach to the study for the exam. I would suggest this training to anyone who needs to clear the CBAP® exam.Icons

Emanuele Magrone
CBAP, Switzerland

Thank you so much for completing the CBAP® exam preparation course on schedule. I really appreciate the fact that you were on time in starting all the classes and able to complete as per plan. The classes were very informative and it has given me an understanding of each of the Knowledge Areas as per BABOK®. All my queries/clarifications during the sessions got resolved and I have no complaints. Good luck and I am sure you will produce several CBAP®s in future.Icons

Nirmal Babu Devarajan
CBAP, United States of America

I would like to thank you and your team for providing me "CBAP® Exam Prep Training Workshop" successfully. I really appreciate everyone for being so responsive and professional enough to help me in all aspects. The training happened remotely, however I really did not get the feel of distance gap. Everything was so smooth and all my queries were answered. The other good part was that the trainer helped me to related the course concepts with the IT industry that honed my creative thinking skills. Thank you to everyone at Multisoft!Icons

Srikanth Botla
CBAP, United States of America

Thank you to Multisoft for the knowledge I gained during my CBAP® training sessions. The Input / Output technique was helpful and easy to understand and the trainer was very learned. The instructor was patient in solving my queries and I am happy that I was able to understand everything as per the decided schedule.Icons

Khalid M. Asiri
CBAP, Saudi Arabia

Getting the employees trained in MS-Excel from Multisoft was a good experience. I appreciate their way of resolving queries and relating them to the business needs. We never thought that getting trained online could be so seamless. Thank you Multisoft!Icons

MS Excel, HR Head, India

The class was an enjoyable and challenging experience. The trainer is very knowledgeable in SAS Programming and it showed through his ability to adapt and write code on the "fly". Teaching a live class over the Internet must be a little challenging when there is a big time difference, but the trainer did a great job of dealing with everything.Icons

Hip Rodriguez
Base SAS®, USA

My SAS training at Multisoft was great and the trainer was excellent. I am happy because they not just gave training, but also provided motivation and career guidance. Due to their efforts, I got a great job and I am happy to have chosen Multisoft. Many of my friends have also completed trainings from here and they are glad too. Icons

Anil Thakur
SAS® Advanced, India

The trainers were very cordial, knowledgeable and explained concepts in a very simple manner. The training schedule was appropriate and we managed to finish the complete course well in time. It was overall a good experience of getting trained with Multisoft. I would recommend Multisoft to other candidates too.Icons

Jalil Ahmad
CCNA® R & S, Afghanistan

I attended the CBAP® training with Multisoft. This course helped me to understand all the knowledge areas in its own and cohesively. I am able to better understand the structure and pattern of CBAP® exam now. It was a very effective course. Thanks for your help and support.Icons

CBAP, India

I had an excellent CBAP® class. It was well executed and exceeded all of my expectations. The instructor was professional and knowledgeable, and delivered the material in an easy to understand and articulate manner. I would highly recommend this class to anyone preparing to begin the CBAP® certification process. Icons

Tim Togami

I’m very glad that I chose Multisoft for my CBAP® training. My trainer was very knowledgeable and his method of teaching by providing examples that I could relate to, really helped me understand and grasp the contents of BABOK®. The training advisor was also very helpful whenever I had any queries related to the training program. Both of them were approachable, professional and committed in ensuring that I completed my training on time with satisfaction. I thank the Multisoft team for doing a great job!Icons

Pradeep Sinha
CBAP, India

I attended Primavera® training with Multisoft. The experience with the team was one of the best I have got so far. The trainer was well prepared and had good knowledge. The training advisor was also professional and good at organizing schedules.Icons

Ghazi Mohammed Atharuddin
Primavera® P6, India

I attended Primavera® online training with Multisoft, and must say that I enjoyed the training and learnt a lot about resource loading & costing. Prior to the course, I had very little knowledge about Scheduling; however after completing the training I’ve become a good planner and can do resource loading & cost projection about projects. The course material was very beneficial and online test papers further improved my knowledge. Now I can switch my domain from Construction Management to Project Management. The training has given me the right thought process. I am very much thankful to the training adviser & instructor for arranging this training within short notice.Icons

Primavera® P6, India

I enrolled for STAAD.Pro training with Multisoft and must say it was a wonderful experience. The trainer was very clear on the topics and very cooperative as well. The training was conducted very professionally and the sessions happened as per decided timelines.Icons

Muizz Oladapo Sanni-Anibire
STAAD.Pro® v8i, Saudi Arabia

The CBAP® course helped me a lot for the preparation of the CBAP® certification examination. The course was nicely designed and the instructor had a great command on the subject. On the closure of every online session, there was a quiz that made us understand the subject even further. Furthermore, the instructor was pretty helpful in just about everything. Icons

Farhan Shafiq
CBAP, Saudi Arabia

I attended the Primavera® online training, which has been very much useful in exposing myself to this P6 tool and understanding the intricacies. I am sure this course will help me a lot in my future endeavors. The training team was very interactive, knowledgeable, and supportive, and I personally thank the team Multisoft for conducting this training successfully.Icons

Vikas Dashore
Primavera® P6, India

Highly recommend this course as not only I had an excellent instructor but also “Multisoft” tailored the whole training based on my requirements/schedule. Jewel on the crown is to have an option of one-on-one training, which I opted for and IT IS WORTH IT.Icons

Wasim Malik
CBAP, Australia

I was trying to find world class training in Primavera P6 and MS Project. Since I had a hectic schedule, I wasn’t sure if someone could cater to my needs. However surprisingly, I got the online training from Multisoft Systems. Both the advisor and trainer delivered service in accordance to my schedule and learning needs. I will definitely come back to Multisoft for my future learning requirements, and expect to be trained by the same instructor.Icons

Adamu Aminu Salihu
Primavera® P6,

The trainer is very good with both theoretical and practical aspects of the Subject and able to clearing the Individual doubts.Icons

Rajeev Mittal
ITIL® Foundation, India

Excellent training, make focused on clear understanding to the students, I thoroughly enjoyed the training.Icons

Lalit Bhatt
ITIL® Foundation, India

Consultant was extremely through with the subject, concepts and helped me to clearing all my doubts. Class discussions were very encouraging. I really liked the training and will definitely refer to others.Icons

Arpit Srivastava
PRINCE2, India

I attended for Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner training and certification Program at Multisoft. Consultant was very good with Subject, Excellent Study material and classroom presentations was provided. All Sessions was very much Interactive and Informative.Icons

Arun Chaudhary
PRINCE2, India

I enrolled in Multisoft’s PMP® online training. It is worth mentioning that the trainer was an experienced person. I also found the training delivery and course content good enough. I’d certainly recommend Multisoft to my friend for this training.Icons

Mohit Sinha
PMP®, India

I attended the PMP® Training with Multisoft and it was very well co-ordinated. The technical support team was present at all times, which saved a lot of time spent in setup. The Trainer was very well versed with the topics and his experience and examples helped us understand the topics very well.Icons

Siddharth Mathur
PMP®, India

The training has provided a very good understanding about Project Management concepts, and the way towards PMP® certification in particular. The trainer used enough examples to make us understand the subject in a simplified manner.Icons

Peter G Karamen
PMP®, Abu Dhabi

Multisoft is excellent. I think the trainer must be commended for hard work and simplicity in the presentation. I’d especially be thankful to my trainer who patiently guided me through each step and I am now very confident of taking the exam. The staff who guided me was prompt and willing to help all the way.Icons

Olumuyiwa Olusola Oyelade
PMP®, Nigeria

The PMP® training session was well planned and the timely execution impressed me. I’m confident about the concepts learned and looking forward for its implementation.Icons

Kritish Gaur
PMP®, Manager-Planning, India

I would like to congratulate the Mutisoft team for conducting a well-organized training over the Internet with participants and trainer siting across the continents. The trainer has good knowledge on the subject and explained complex topics in a very simplified manner and encouraged open communication among participants. This has been more beneficial for people like me who have the flexibility to attend it after office hours and at a competitive price.Icons

Ahmer Aziz
PMP®, Abu Dhabi

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